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Religious Education

Religious Education

As a Catholic school St MacNissi’s plays an important part in the complex process of Christian Education. At the centre of the child’s development is faith in Jesus, therefore the place of Religious Education and the Catholic Ethos as part of our curriculum is of great importance. Religion permeates the whole curriculum and our programme, based on the  “Grow In Love” and “Alive O” series are intended to lead each child to an awareness of God’s love and to help foster and deepen their own faith.
Two mornings a week the school comes together to pray and throughout the year classes present their own assemblies. Pupils from Primary 4 to Primary 7 attend Masses and have the opportunity to participate fully by helping to prepare the Liturgy. Throughout the year there are regular Liturgical and Sacramental celebrations. Together the teachers, parents and school Chaplin provide the support and security that our children need to grow and develop in a caring community.

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Our Sacramental Programme consists of:

Primary 7

•Mass of Commitment 
•Prayer Service of Light 

Primary 4

  • First Holy Communion

Primary 3

•Enrolment Ceremony 
•Sacrament of Reconciliation 

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