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Whole-School Achievements

House Point and Awards System

We at St MacNissi’s Primary School not only promote  academic achievement but acknowledge positive behaviour and attitudes with our children, we also greatly value and reward them.


All members of staff will recognise and celebrate positive behaviour and attitudes at all times around the school through informal praise. Wherever appropriate, children’s best efforts will be celebrated through display and performance.


Rewards celebrated with the class or whole school may include the following:



  • Sticker, badges or stamps


  • Pupil of the Week Certificate


  • Certificates (Pupil of the Month; Buddy of the Month; Principal’s Award)


  • Star Pupil of the Day sticker


  • House Points


Pupil of the Week and Star of the Day

Every week each teacher will choose a pupil to be the class’s Pupil of the Week. This award will be given right through all classes from P1-7.


The weekly areas of reward might be for any of the following:


  • Literacy


  • Numeracy


  • Behaviour


  • Endeavour


The class teacher will choose a pupil, who in their opinion has made a significant contribution in the chosen area. The names of the pupils who have been awarded ‘Pupil of the Week and Star of the Day’ are displayed outside the classroom to recognise and celebrate their effort an achievement

Playground Buddies


In recognition of their senior position in school and to help foster self-discipline and a sense of responsibility, P7 pupils are encouraged to be a Playground Helpers to classes in the Playground. As a helper, P7 pupils undertake various roles, playing positively with younger children.


House Points


St MacNissi’s Primary has adopted a house points system which fosters a sense of belonging and identity on our school. Children are divided in to one of four Houses:



  • Beech (Blue)

  • Ash (Yellow)

  • Oak (Red)

  • Chestnut (Green)





House Points are awarded for range of behaviours including the following:

  • Being Careful and kind

  • Being polite and friendly

  • Being helpful

  • Being hardworking and try our best

  • Being respectful and tolerant


House Points are totalled each month and the House Point Cup is given in a monthly Celebration Assembly.


At that Assembly each class teacher will nominate a pupil for ‘Pupil of the Month’ for their class, and the Principal, will nominate 2 pupils (P1-P7) for ‘Principal’s Award’. We also present awards for ‘Choir Member of the Month’ and ‘Buddy of the Month’. The awardees will be presented with their Certificates in our Assembly and their photograph will be displayed, for the month, in the House Point board.

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