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St. MacNissi's Primary School is committed to developing each child's full potential to become a positive contributor to society in their adult life.  We strive to achieve this by working in partnership with the child, their parents and the wider community, to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, truly reflecting Catholic values.

At St MacNissi’s our policy is to develop in our children the capacity to become self confident, contributing members of society, who will have acquired a reasoned set of values, attitudes and beliefs. We believe we can develop these qualities in our children by:


  • Creating a happy, stimulating and secure environment for each child.

  • Offering a well structured and balanced curriculum within the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum, which meets the needs of the individual child.

  • Ensuring that the individual child feels a sense of self worth and encourage the development of confidence and self esteem.

  • Developing an awareness of the need of self discipline, which leads to respect for other people and a sensitivity towards them.

  • Encouraging the children to acquire positive attitudes towards others of differing religious beliefs and an understanding of the wider world in which we live.

  • Developing a genuine partnership between the home, church and the school.

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