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After schools

Extended School Day

It is hoped that all pupils will benefit from the activities, which the school has to offer. Pupils have many opportunities to develop their talents through activities such as, Inter-School Sports, Field and Outdoor Activity Trips, Football, Irish Dancing, Traditional Irish Music, School Plays and Concerts. The school is also involved with the IFA, the GAA and Activity N.I. who all aim to encourage young people to participate and enjoy sport.

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After Schools Clubs (Primary 1 - Primary 3)

Aspire (P1-3)

Tuesday 2pm – 3pm

Multi Activity (P1-3)

Wednesday 2pm – 3pm

Kickstarters Football (P1-3)

Thursday 2pm – 3pm

After Schools Clubs (Primary 4- Primary 7)

Aspire (P4-7)

Tuesday 3pm – 4pm

Multi Activity (P4-7)

Wednesday 3pm – 4pm

Kickstarters Football (P4-7)

Thursday 3pm – 4pm

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Summer Camp

This runs during July and August. A full programme of activities, are sorted for all children Primary 1 to Primary 7. These programmes normally run from 9:00am to 3:00pm

Current Clubs

Activity NI new classes beginning on 9th January 2024.


St MacNissi's Primary School booking link:


Any queries please contact Activity NI directly via

Classes beginning 9th January (5 weeks)

  • Lego League (Tuesdays)
    Welcome to the Lego Club, where imagination takes shape! Join fellow builders in a world of colourful blocks and endless possibilities. In our club, creativity knows no bounds as kids engineer amazing structures, from towering castles to futuristic cities. It's a fun-filled space where every click of Lego brings dreams to life. Join us and let the building adventures begin!

  • Dodgeball (Wednesdays)
    Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge at our Dodgeball sessions! It's not just a game; it's an adrenaline-filled adventure where kids learn teamwork, agility, and strategy. Our Dodgeball classes are all about friendly competition, laughter, and good sportsmanship. Join us for heart-pounding fun where dodging a ball becomes the highlight of the day!

  • Junior Scientists (Thursdays)
    Dive into the wonders of science with us! Our Science classes inspire curious minds through exciting experiments, hands-on activities, and interactive learning. From chemistry to physics and biology, kids explore the world around them while having fun. Join us for a scientific journey filled with discovery, creativity, and endless possibilities!

    St Macnissi's Primary School booking link:

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