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Learning Support

Learning Support Programme

At St. MacNissi's we always aim to always meet the needs of the individual child, ensuring that work is matched to abilities and interests. A wide range of problems may affect a child’s progress and achievements in school – eg. Educational, emotional, behavioural, medical – and all of these aspects are acknowledged within our school’s Special Educational Needs policy and provision.
A Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) works alongside staff to secure the highest quality of teaching for pupils. The SENCO will support staff to monitor pupil progress and assist with the development Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) or Behavioural Plans as appropriate. The SENCO liaises with parents and external agencies to ensure the best possible support is made available. The school follows the statutory SEN Code of Practice and has its own SEN policy.
The early identification of children with Special Educational Needs allows us to offer those children additional help and this is maintained, monitored and reviewed in co-operation with parents for as long as is deemed necessary. In St MacNissi’s we pride ourselves with having a very vibrant and flourishing Learning Support Programme. We have Literacy and Numeracy support areas and a Multi-Purpose Room that children and adults can avail of if necessary. Our Learning Support Programme consists of many forms with the child always being the central focus. We see the child and their parents as integral to our whole Programme. Through our Intervention and Remediation programme, children are supported in withdrawal groups from Primary 2 to Primary 7.
Our Learning Support Team,works in partnership with all professional bodies to support your child in their need. We have built up a very strong working relationship with external agencies e.g. MASTS, ASD Team, School Medical Team and the Education Psychology Team. Staff training is available for teachers in several aspects of Learning Support both within school and delivered by outside agencies e.g. ASD Support, Dyslexia Training and Behaviour Support.

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